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A Scarcity of Water
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This is a black and white photograph of two women standing on either side of six zucca melons, near Osoyoos, British Columbia.
The once-popular zucca melons, near Osoyoos, 1943. BC Archives, I-28552.
The British Columbia government operated the irrigation system until the 1960s when the costs of upkeep consistently outweighed the revenue collected from water delivery. In January 1964, the provincial government informed the Oliver and Osoyoos Fruit Growers' Association that it would not continue the project. Growers now operate the water system.
Vineyards have replaced many orchards. Kelowna, 1954. BC Archives, I-21370.
This is a black and white photograph of a vineyards at Kelowna in1954.
Apple orchard near Osoyoos, 1970. BC Archives, I-13599.
This is a photograph of an apple orchard near Osoyoos, British Columbia.
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