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Early Park Title

Nuxalk Grave MarkerThunderbird Park. RBCM PN 18119.

Nuxalk Grave Marker, late 19th century

This is one of two grave figures that Charles F. Newcombe purchased at Talio, on South Bentinck Arm, in 1913. It would have marked the burial place of an important person and represented his or her family crests.
RBCM 2311.

Beaver, at the top of the pole, a crest of the deceased.

Grizzly Bear, standing with paws raised, also a crest of the deceased.  


Close up of the headThunderbird Park. RBCM PN 18119.

Nuxalk Grave Marker highlightedThunderbird Park. RBCM PN 14424.
Nuxalk Grave MarkerThunderbird Park, 1950s. BC Archives B-07303.
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