Header - Thunder Bird Park

Title - Late Park

Richard Hunt

Richard Hunt, Thunderbird Park, 1974
Royal BC Museum PN12613-K


Richard Hunt began working in Thunderbird Park in 1973 as an assistant carver to his father, Henry Hunt. Upon his father’s retirement in 1974, he became the Thunderbird Park Master Carver. 

Richard Hunt was born at ‘Yalis (Alert Bay) and has lived most of his life in the city of Victoria. Even before joining the Royal BC Museum program, Richard knew he wanted to be a carver and studied with his father, Henry Hunt, and his brother, Tony Hunt.


This early work included an 85-foot (25.9m) pole that he carved with Henry Hunt and John Livingston. Richard Hunt worked at the Royal BC Museum until 1986 and created many art works, including a pole that is currently in a garden area in front of the museum. Tim Paul succeeded Richard Hunt as the Thunderbird Park Master Carver in 1984. Hunt continues to work in Victoria and exhibits his work internationally. A highly respected artist, he received the Order of British Columbia in 1991 and the Order of Canada in 1994.  

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