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Tony Hunt


Tony Hunt apprenticed with Thunderbird Park Master Carver, Mungo Martin, in 1954, alongside his father Henry Hunt. In 1962, Tony Hunt officially became Thunderbird Park’s assistant carver, working with his father until 1972. Hunt played a key role in the Thunderbird Park carving program during his time at the Royal BC Museum.


Tony Hunt was born at Tsaxis (Fort Rupert) in 1942 and later moved with his family to Victoria. He and his father, Henry, became closely associated with Mungo Martin at the Royal BC Museum. Even as child, Hunt was often at the Park painting and carving with his father and Martin. Hunt worked on all the major carving projects undertaken at the park between 1962 and 1972, including the Expo67 pole – which he himself designed – as well as the Memorial Pole raised in ‘Yalis (Alert Bay) to honour Mungo Martin. In 1972 Hunt left the program to devote himself to his gallery, Arts of Raven, in Victoria. Throughout his career, Tony Hunt has created a collection of master works and has held numerous exhibits of his art. He has also been an influential force in the continuation of Kwagu’ł ceremonial culture.

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