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Bishop Modeste Demers

Modeste Demers was born on October 11, 1809 in St Nicholas, Quebec. Ordained in 1836, Demers, along with Reverend Francis Norbert Blanchet, was appointed to a new mission field on the west coast by the Archbishop of Quebec in 1838. From the Red River they traveled overland until they reached the Columbia River. During the next several years Demers traveled throughout much of British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest, including visits to Fort Langley in 1841 and Fort Victoria in 1847. He was ordained Roman Catholic Bishop of Vancouver Island in 1847.

Following travels in France to raise funds, the Bishop returned to Victoria in 1852 where he built a church and rectory. For many years he held services there. He died in Victoria on July 21, 1871.

Bishop Demers, ca 1870

Bishops Demers, ca 1870

Royal BC Museum, H-04536
Bishop Demers, ca 1860

Bishop Demers, ca 1860

Royal BC Museum, G-07048
Bishop Demers, ca 1860

Bishop Demers

Courtesy of The Sisters of St Ann Archives

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