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Haida Pole

Haida Pole, 1954
Carvers: Mungo Martin, David Martin
and Henry Hunt
Based on: Haida Memorial Pole

This is a version of a pole that was purchased by Charles. F. Newcombe at t’anuu ‘llnagaay (eelgrass town) in 1911. It was raised by a man named Checkgath around 1880 as a memorial to his wife and shows some of Checkgath’s family crests. The original pole is now in the entrance lobby of the museum (RBCM1391).
RBCM 20128.
All Colour Images - RBCM, 2006.




Three Watchmen, guardians who are said to call out warnings at the approach of enemy canoes. They wear hats with rings called skils that indicate their high status.

Bird, with an upturned face in its tail. In the collection records, this bird is called Eagle and also Thunderbird, but it may be Cormorant, an Eagle clan crest.
Human-like figure holding a frog, possibly the Eagle clan ancestress, jilaa quns who is also known as Frog Woman, Copper Woman and Volcano Woman. Charles. F. Newcombe, who purchased the original pole at t’anuu ‘llnagaay, called this figure ‘a doctor’ or shaman.

Whale, with an upside-down human face in its blowhole.


Three Watchmen
Close up of Three Watchmen
Close up of Three Watchmen
Bird wing
Close up of Bird
Upturned Face

Human Figure Close up of Human Figure
Frog Human Face
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