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Haida Pole

Haida Pole, 1955
Carvers: Mungo Martin, Henry Hunt
and David Martin
Based on: Haida Mortuary Pole

The original pole at t’anuu ‘llnagaay (eelgrass town) was erected for a high-ranking woman who was shot while travelling through the San Juan Islands. Her body was cremated and the remains taken back to t’anuu ‘llnagaay where they were placed in the cavity behind the frontal board. Charles F. Newcombe purchased the pole in 1911 (RBCM 1392). It stood outside until it was removed from Thunderbird Park and replaced by this new version.
RBCM 20131.
All Colour Images - RBCM, 2006.

Haida Pole
Eagle. On the original pole, a Copper (a copper shield or plaque denoting great wealth) leaned against its chest.

Mountain Hawk, portrayed on the frontal board.
Whale, with three skils between its tail flukes. Skils, sometimes called potlatch rings, are cylinders denoting the wealth and status of a chief. On this pole, they are associated with the human head below.
Human head, perhaps representing the deceased or an ancestor. 

Beaver, with the characteristic large incisors and a flat, crosshatched tail, holding a stick.

Close up of Eagle
Mountain Hawk
Close up of Mountain Hawk


Close up of Whale

Human head
Beaver Close up of Beaver
Haida Pole in Situt’anuu ‘llnagaay, 1901. Charles F. Newcombe photograph. RBCM PN 100.
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