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In addition to the wealth of information to be found on the Thunderbird Park website, interactive activities have been created for three distinct aspects of the park and the museum collection. A historical newspaper writing activity stems from the printing press brought to Victoria to the Sisters of St. Anne as well as from archival documents (letters, journals, and newspapers) housed in the museum. A collection of 19th century medical instruments forms the basis for an activity that explores medical technology, health, and change in a way that challenges the viewer to be the investigator or archaeologist attempting to discover what and how these artifacts were used. Tools and implements used for First Nations resource extraction, in this case fish, at the turn of the century are the focus of simple online fishing activities, which serve to open up conversation about sustainable resource use, culture, technology, and change for all members of society.

Printable pages are provided for both newspaper and medical instrument activities to reinforce student learning. Additional written and internet resources (brief annotations) are listed alphabetically on a separate resource page.

The teaching resource guide for each of the three activities is in tabular form with three main sections: a description of the activity, B.C. Provincially prescribed learning outcomes, and suggestions for use. A sample of learning objectives that cross a range of disciplines and grades from the British Columbia Ministry of Education guidelines (retrieved from http://www.bced.gov.bc.ca/irp) have been chosen to emphasize the versatility of both the activities and the site. Student and educator interests will dictate how a variety of learning objectives can be met by using and exploring the Thunderbird Park site. Further resources are included in the bibliography with some specific ones incorporated into the table where appropriate.

Direct links to the activities are provided from these pages.

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