Learning Centre

"The Museum plays such a vital role in the education of my children, not just with all of the amazing exhibits and archival materials, but with all the experts that my kids have access to. They feel they’ve had such extraordinary hands-on relationship-based learning because of the people they’ve come into contact with. The collaborative nature of the learning that goes on at the Museum is rare and special for young people. The Museum respects young voices and is nurturing the next generation of leaders."

  • Skye Ladell, mother and educator

Learning is at the heart of our mission.

The Royal BC Museum is creating a state-of-the-art Learning Centre that will deliver high-quality programs to learners across BC and beyond. Creating the Learning Centre will help realize the full potential of the Royal BC Museum as an inclusive and accessible source of learning for every citizen of British Columbia regardless of age, background or geography.

We will:

  • Enhance the quality and quantity of programmes onsite, offsite and online
  • Increase access for all-age learning programs
  • More than double student access to digital classrooms

We have imagined what is possible. With your help we can achieve it.

The new Learning Centre will offer transformational experiences for learners of all ages and provide a dynamic and inclusive space for dialogue, debate and understanding. Please support us today to help us turn this vision into a reality.

Our new Learning Centre will be the first accomplishment of our larger Treasures for Generations project. Learn more about how we plan to transform the Royal BC Museum into a refreshed, modern museum.

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