Donating Records

The BC Archives acquires archival records from private individuals, families, institutions and organizations that are historically significant to the province of British Columbia.

As we prepare to move to a new collections and research building (CRB) in 2026, we have reduced capacity to accommodate new acquisitions and are no longer accepting donations at this time. Exceptions may be made for items of considerable cultural or provincial significance.

Records we may consider at this time:

  • Accruals to existing fonds at the BC Archives
  • Records from BC communities currently underrepresented in the Archives collection
  • Records from BC organizations or companies who are ceasing operation
  • Records from individuals or companies who played a significant role in the Province of British Columbia

All donation requests must be submitted using our archival donation form. An archivist will contact you within one month after your submission if they wish to discuss your donation further.

Archival donation request form (online)

If you are interested in donating your records, please see Donating Records (pamphlet)

This pamphlet includes considerations you need to make before deciding to donate your records, the criteria we use to determine what records we can accept and information on tax receipting.

Items that the BC Archives does not acquire include:

  • Newspapers, newspaper clippings, magazines or scrapbooks (unless part of a bigger fonds)
  • Self-published family histories
  • Photos that have no identifying information
  • Material that has no relevance to British Columbia
  • Objects such as furniture, dolls, clothing, coins, etc., should be directed to the Museum.

For donations of published material, please email

Unsolicited donations mailed to or left at the Royal BC Museum will be returned to the donor, or appropriately disposed of if return contact information is not provided.

Get In touch

If you have further questions about private records donations, please contact:


Telephone: 250-387-1952


To learn more about private records or the acquisitions process, please see:

Private records