Request Court Records

The most commonly requested court records at the BC Archives are probated estate files, wills, court orders (including divorces) and judgments.

To access one of the above-mentioned records, we require certain information. We’ve listed the information required for each type of court record below.

If you are ordering a reproduction of a court record for legal or similar purposes, please confirm with the requesting agency whether you need the record certified before placing your order. Certification is often required to verify that the copy was created from the original.

Request Copies

To order reproductions of a court records, please submit one of the following forms by email, letter mail, or fax:

If you are a court registry and are requesting the repatriation of an original court record (fee applies), please submit the following form:

To submit your request, please contact us.

Divorce Orders

Divorce order reproduction requests can be made via our online form. To provide access to a reproduction of a divorce order, we require the following information:

For divorce orders before January 1983:

  • Names of parties involved
  • Date of divorce (approximate date is sufficient)
  • Court registry (e.g., Victoria; preferred but not mandatory)

For divorce orders after January 1983:

  • Names of parties involved
  • Date divorce was granted
  • Court registry (e.g., Victoria)
  • Case file number
  • Accession and box number (if available)
  • Volume and folio number (if available)

If the divorce was granted after January 1984 and you don’t have the information listed above, contact the Central Registry of Divorce Proceedings in Ottawa. Note that the Central Registry only provides this information to a party to the divorce or their legal representative.

Note that the BC Archives cannot issue divorce certificates.  Divorce certificates cannot be issued for pre-June 1986 divorce actions as a decree absolute divorce order (available at the BC Archives) has the same legal status as a divorce certificate.

For divorce actions initiated after May 1986, the divorce order will need to be presented to the court registry where the divorce took place who will issue a certificate verifying that the divorce is final.

Probated Estate Files or Wills

To request access to or a reproduction of a probated estate file or will, we require the following information:

  • Record type (probate or will)
  • Name of the deceased
  • Date of death
  • Court registry where estate was probated (.e.g., Victoria)

If available, please also provide:

  • Case number
  • Accession number
  • Box number
  • Volume and folio number
  • Link to online description


For more information about locating court records at the BC Archives, please see Court Records

To request onsite access to one of the above-mentioned court records, please plan a visit.