Garry Oak Meadows

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Golden Paintbrush, a rare plant of grassy meadows around Victoria. RBCM.
This is a photograph of Golden Paintbrush, a yellow wildflower.
There are more endangered species of plants associated with this ecosystem than any other in British Columbia.
Deltoid Balsamroot, a rare plant restricted to the Garry Oak ecosytem. RBCM.
This is a photograph of Deltoid Balsamroot, a yellow wildflower.
Butterflies and other insects living in the oak meadows are also in trouble. A subspecies of Large Marble butterfly persists now only on nearby San Juan Island in Washington State, and the Canadian populations of Taylor's Checkerspot have been whittled down to nothing.
The Western Bluebird has almost disappeared from British Columbia's south coast. Stephen Cannings.
Birds like Lewis' Woodpeckers and Western Bluebirds once graced the Garry Oak woodlands, but they have gradually disappeared over the last 50 years. The little-known Sharp-tailed Snake, which hunts for slugs in Garry Oak and adjacent dry Douglas-fir woodlands, has been found in British Columbia only a handful of times in the past century.
This is a photograph of a Western Bluebird, perched on a wire, with head turned to the right.
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