Out on a Limb

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Invertebrate life at the tops of huge, ancient trees in Vancouver Island forests is radically different from the life below on the forest floor.


Image 1
This is a photograph of researcher, Neville Winchester, in the canopy of a Sitka Spruce forest in the Carmanah Valley.

Image 2
This is a photograph of a researcher high up in an ancient forest in British Columbia.

Image 3
This is an image of a map showing canopy research sites on Vancouver Island, with an option to zoom in on an image showing where the island is on the coast of North America.

Image 4
This is a photograph of an Oribatid Mite.

Image 5
This is a photograph of a new species of mite belonging to the genus Dendrozetes.

Image 6
This is a photograph of a mite from the Fenichelidae family.

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