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This is a link to a map of the Grasslands of British Columbia with an optional close-up map of the Southern Okanagan.

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The Osoyoos Indian Band
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This is a black and white line drawing of Ponderosa Pine needles and a cone.
Sat’qّłp Nk'Mip Desert and Heritage Centre, Osoyoos.
Ponderosa Pine and Sage

Sat’qّłp (Ponderosa Pine), a drought-resistant and shade-intolerant tree, was utilized by the Okanagan in many ways. The pitch was a chewing gum used for medicinal purposes and as glue to secure spear points and barbed hooks to shafts. It was also used to treat wounds, as the pitch is antiseptic. The cambium - a moist inner bark - was eaten in early spring, while pine nuts could be gathered throughout the year as a snack.

Qّəlqّəlməniłp (Sagebrush)
Nk'Mip Desert and Heritage Centre, Osoyoos.
This is a photograph of sagebrush.
Qّəlqّəlməniłp (Sagebrush) is used as a spiritual cleanser. The dried leaves are burned and the smoke is "washed" over the body to cleanse it of negative energy. In the past, the bark was pulled off and used to weave mats, bags, baskets, quiver cases, clothing, saddle blankets and shoes. The leaves were also used as a natural insect repellent.
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