Water, Water Everywhere

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Similar to arteries and veins, British Columbia's rivers, lakes and wetlands act like a giant circulatory system for terrestrial life, transporting, filtering and storing water and nutrients. But they are more than this – they are also worlds of life unto themselves. British Columbia's topography and climate have combined to produce an extraordinarily diverse array of freshwater ecosystems. A few are shown here.

Image 1
This is a photograph of the Fraser River, shrouded in mist, near its headwaters at Mount Robson.

Image 2
This is a photograph of the Fraser River below Hope, British Columbia, mountains in the background.

Image 3
This is a photograph of aquatic plants at Beaver Lake, Victoria, British Columbia.

Image 4
This is a photograph of the peatlands of Tow Hill bog, Haida Gwaii, with a stand of trees in the background.

Image 5
This is a photograph of Tatlayoko Lake in the Chilcotin, with mountains reflecting on the water.

Image 6
This is a photograph of an alkaline pond at Kamloops, British Columbia.

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