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Becoming BC Gallery | Natural History Gallery

Becoming BC Gallery

One of the core mandates of a museum is to preserve history, and sometimes it means preserving our own. We truly recognize and appreciate the important place that this gallery has held at the Royal BC Museum, and in peoples’ hearts, and we are happy to share this experience and make it accessible digitally for even more people to enjoy. Understanding our past, helps guide a positive future.

Use the arrows to navigate through Century Hall, Old Town, the Majestic Theatre, and all of the other iconic elements of this gallery to discover, or to revisit your favourite spots.

3rd Floor MapSnap Content


01Becoming BC Entrance (Flat Image)11Old Town - Main Street
02Maritime Hall12Old Town - Majestic Theatre Exterior
03Ship Discovery - Exterior13Majestic Theatre Interior
04Ship Discovery - Interior14Chinatown
06Waterwheel - Gold Rush16Bedroom
08Mining Stairwell18Livery (Flat Image)
09Logging19Century Hall 1 
10Farm20Century Hall 2

Natural History Gallery

Please note that there is sound within this gallery tour. You can mute any gallery sounds by clicking the speaker icon on the left side of the 360 screen.

Natural HistorySnap Content


01Late Cretaceous Corridor11Ocean Shore - Left
02Ice Age Corridor12Tidal Zone
03Woolly - the Mammoth13Tidal Cave
04Climate Change Dome14Ocean Shore - Right
05Forrest Corridor15Delta - Left 
06Learning Room - Taxidermy16Delta - Right 
07Forest Dome Entry17Ocean Station 1
08Forest Dome - Elk18Ocean Station 2
09Forest Dome - Bear  
10River - Bear