Key Accountability Relationships

The Royal BC Museum Corporation is governed by an eleven-member Board of Directors, appointed by the Province, and accountable to the Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport. The Board appoints a Chief Executive Officer to implement policies and corporate goals.

Members of the Royal BC Museum Corporation Board of Directors are volunteers and serve the Corporation without remuneration. 

Board Terms of Reference

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Bylaws and Appendices View PDF
Finance and Audit Committee Terms of Reference View PDF
Governance Nominating and HR Committee Terms of Reference View PDF
Museum Redevelopment Committee Terms of Reference  View PDF

Governance Principles

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Statement of Financial Information View PDF
Statement of Executive Compensation View PDF
Standards of Conduct Statement View PDF
Standards of Conduct Read online
Post Employment Restrictions Read online

Board of Directors

Board Member Link
Dr. Daniel Muzyka - Chair View Bio
Wendy King​ - Vice Chair View Bio
Karen Aird View Bio
Nika Nicole Renee Collison View Bio
Nanon de Gaspé Beaubien-Mattrick View Bio
Hon. Carole James View Bio
Robert Jawl View Bio
Lenora Lee View Bio
E. Michael O'Brien View Bio
Ratana Stephens View Bio
Peeter Wesik View Bio

Board Committees

Finance and Audit

Purpose: Ensuring that our financial and accounting policies conform to the Museum Act and all other applicable legislation, and that our financial reporting systems meet the needs of the Board and the Royal BC Museum.


  • Wendy King, Committee Chair
  • Nika Collison, Board member
  • Lenora Lee, Board member

    Ex-officio members:
  • Dr. Daniel Muzyka, Board Chair
  • Professor Jack Lohman, Chief Executive Officer
  • Melissa Sands, Executive Financial Officer and Vice President, Corporate Finance

Governance, Nominating and Human Resources

Purpose: Overseeing the Board’s nominating and governance activities, establishing criteria for Board membership; pre-screening and recommending candidates; managing Board orientations and evaluations; and maintaining documentation. Manages corporate governance and monitors Board effectiveness.


  • E. Michael O’Brien, Committee Chair
  • Dr. Daniel Muzyka, Board Chair
  • Ratana Stephens, Board member
  • Karen Aird, Board member

    Ex-officio member:
  • Jack Lohman, Chief Executive Officer

Museum Redevelopment Committee


  • Review all aspects of the museum redevelopment, its projected capital budget and future ongoing operating costs;  
  • Recommend to the Board the principles, site selection, and outline plans relating to all building and property acquisition matters;
  • Oversee the choice of architect, the planning and the design work related to the museum redevelopment projects; review and approve any amendments or changes to the scheme;
  • Ensure that sources of financing for the site acquisition and for the museum redevelopment project are clearly identified and that the costs of maintenance and operations are taken into consideration before any property acquisition or project development, or indeed any amendments thereto, are approved by the Project Executive Board.


  • Robert Jawl, Committee Chair
  • Nanon de Gaspé Beaubien-Mattrick, Board member
  • Professor Jack Lohman, Chief Executive Officer
  • Dr. Daniel Muzyka, Board Chair
  • E. Michael O’Brien, Board member
  • Peeter Wesik, Board member​​

    Ex-officio members:
  • Pamela Lowings, Director, Museum Modernization

Advisory Committees

Indigenous Advisory and Advocacy Committee (IAAC)


The Indigenous Advisory and Advocacy Committee (IAAC) is a visionary body that draws on the issues, experiences, expertise and perspectives of Indigenous peoples to advise the Museum on effective and respectful engagement with First Nations in BC and matters relating to the Museum’s governance, corporate planning, operations and repatriation with regard to the Indigenous peoples of British Columbia.


Karen Aird View Bio
Nika Collison View Bio
Andy Everson View Bio
Dianne Hinkley View Bio
Chief Ron Ignace View Bio
Tewanee Joseph View Bio
Chief Ron Sam View Bio
Barbara Todd Hager View Bio

Research Advisory Committee


The Research Committee oversees and advises on the research activities of the Royal BC Museum and Archives. The Research Advisory Committee is informed by the principles, priorities and processes set out within Royal BC Museum’s Research Strategy (2016-2021). 


The committee consists of 11 members including the Chair, who will be the Vice President, Collections and Research 

External Advisory Members (2017-2019):

  • Dr. Rudy Reimer, Archaeologist, Squamish Nation, Assistant Professor cross-appointed with SFU’s Department of First Nations Studies and Department of Archaeology
  • Raymond Frogner - Director of Archives at the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation at the University of Manitoba
  • Dr. Wayne Maddison, Professor, Department of Zoology, University of British Columbia, Canada Research Chair in Biodiversity
  • Dr. Satwinder Bains: South Asian Studies Institute, University of the Fraser Valley
  • Dr. Axel Meisen: Chair of Foresight at Alberta Research Council Inc. ; Past President and Vice-Chancellor of Memorial University of Newfoundland
  • Dr. Jiri Frank, Scientific Director, National Museum of the Czech Republic

Royal BC Museum Members:

  • David Alexander, A/Vice President, Collections and Research (Chair)
  • Leah Best, Head of Knowledge (Secretary)
  • Lou-ann Neel, Head of Indigenous Collections and Repatriation

Senior Management

Name Link
Dr. Daniel Muzyka - A/Chief Executive Officer and Board Chair View Bio
Mischelle vanThiel - Vice President, Inclusion and Community Engagement and Deputy CEO View Bio
Melissa Sands - Executive Financial Officer View Bio
Pamela Lowings - Director, Museum Modernization View Bio
Erika Stenson - A/Vice President, Museum Operations View Bio
David Alexander - A/Vice President, Collections and Research View Bio