Self-Guided Programs

The following resources are for students, teachers, and chaperones to use during a self-guided visit to the permanent galleries.  Age-appropriate activities and guides help students take a closer look at the Royal BC Museum while connecting to big ideas and themes learned in the classroom.

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Kindergarten - Grade 2

K-2 Activity Guide


The K-2 Activity Guide is a collection of activities for chaperones and teachers to use while visiting the Royal BC Museum. The activities in each gallery prompt students to creatively explore and observe what is around them. Select a few activities or areas of interest to connect with the themes of change, communities, and the needs of living things found in the galleries.

Download K-2 Activity Guide (Français)

Grades 3 - 7

Museum Blackline Masters

If you are looking for your visit to connect to a specific inquiry theme or question, use one of the Museum Blackline Masters pages. These four different activities allow students to make their own observations during an unscripted exploration of the galleries.

Ideas for themes:

communities past and present, change, Aboriginal cultures, artistic expression and culture, Aboriginal technologies, the environment affecting human activities, transportation, exploration, needs of living things, structures, habitats and communities, simple machines, ecosystems

Download Museum Blackline Masters (Français)

Inquiry Guides for Grades 3-7

The activities for grades 3-7 are a selection of activities that educators can choose from. Based on your reasons for visiting the museum, as well as what you feel would work best for your class, a personalized field trip can be created. It is suggested that teachers choose only 1-3 different pages for students to complete during their visit, in order to allow for some unstructured exploration of the galleries.

Be sure to use the Teacher and Chaperone Resource Page (Français) to help plan and organise your visit.

Here are a few different ideas of which pages to choose if you are visiting for a specific learning outcome.

Note: In order to ensure these guides print correctly on a single page, right-click the links below and select “Save As,” then open the pdf in a viewer such as Adobe Reader.

Complete Set of Inquiry Guides for Grades 3-7

Habitats and Communities:


Diversity of Life:

Grades 8 - 12

Gallery Highlights for Grades 8-12

The self-guided tour for Grades 8-12 invites conversation and critical thinking about 4 different objects in each gallery.

Have students explore the galleries in groups with a chaperone, find the highlighted objects, and discuss the questions asked. Once back in the classroom, Educators can bring up the topics for further discussion.

Natural History Gallery (Français)


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