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The Pocket Gallery

The Pocket Gallery is a small display space in Clifford Carl Hall, on the main floor of the Royal BC Museum. 

The gallery showcases the little-seen behind-the-scenes work of the Royal BC Museum. 

Featured displays are great opportunities for visitors to see how individual staff members explore innovative, provocative and sometimes revelatory ideas, drawing on collections, research, partnerships and programmes that you might otherwise know very little about.  

Pocket Gallery displays change regularly, as Royal BC Museum professionals continually pitch fresh ideas and focus on new projects.  Access to the Pocket Gallery is free to all visitors.  

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Currently featured in the Pocket Gallery

BC’s Mountain Dinosaur

A new dinosaur discovered in northern BC

Open August 30, 2019 – February 26, 2020

This display features the work of Dr. Victoria Arbour, Royal BC Museum curator of palaeontology, following her quest to unearth the mysteries of "Buster" the Leptoceratopsidae—a small plant-eating relative of the Triceratops—first discovered by accident in 1971 near the Sustut River, north of Smithers.

Buster is not only one of the first dinosaurs found in BC – he’s one of the most complete dinosaur skeletons ever found here.

Dinosaur fossils might not be as common here as in Alberta or Montana, but that’s partly because the rocks where dinosaurs are found are harder to get to in British Columbia.

By exploring some of these hard-to-reach places in northern BC, paleontologists like Dr. Arbour are starting to learn more about which dinosaurs made their home here.

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