IMAX Victoria Virtual Screenings

IMAX® Virtual School Visits

Expand Your Student’s Minds & Enhance Your Curriculum

Whether your students dive beneath the waves, encounter exotic animals or take a step with astronauts from NASA, our large format films provide students of all ages with larger-than-life experiences that captivate, enlighten and inspire. Many IMAX® films are supported by an Educator Guide, giving you additional tools to enhance learning, facilitate themed activities and expand on film topics in your classroom.

When you cannot come to the theatre, educational and inspiring documentary films come to you! With Virtual Screenings, educators can access a selection of 40-45-minute documentary films for viewing in the classroom. Educator resources, including lesson plans, activities, discussion questions and supporting documents are included with each screening to expand learning.

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Fee: $75 per class

Includes GST and a maximum of 22 students per classroom

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Group bookings

To book your Virtual Screening contact us with at least two business days’ notice. Please provide your organization name, booking date/time and confirmation number (if available) to expedite the booking process. The group booking office is open 9:00 am–5:00 pm Monday to Friday (closed on holidays). Please report any changes to your booking to