Building Community: Paldi and the Legacy of South Asian Canadians in BC

About the kit

Using photographs and reproductions, students will engage with the question “What or who influenced the start, growth and decline of Paldi?”.

In addition to learning more about South Asian Canadian history in BC, students will also learn how to use primary sources to learn about the past and get glimpses into the lives of children who were in Paldi in the 1930s, 40s and 50s.

How to order

The kits are available for loans to BC schools and organizations only. There are limited copies available so plan accordingly.


What’s in the kit?

Before you use the kit

Please review the Educator Guide before your get the kit. The guide will help you to plan your time and make the best use your two-week loan.

Additional backgrounders and activity plans are available through the new resource Saffron Threads: Exploring South Asian Canadian History, Culture and Heritage. The site includes culturally relevant resources for K to 12 teachers covering social studies, math, food studies and language arts.

Discover more stories of South Asian Canadians in BC by visiting Threading Our Stories. The site includes a digital archive, a downloadable ebook and more.

Using the kit

Activities suggested in the outreach kit are for grades 4, 6 and 9.

The Social Studies Big Ideas explored are:

  • Cause and Consequence
  • Historical Significance
  • Change and Continuity

When the kit arrives . . .

  • Explain to your students your goals and reasons for ordering the kit.
  • Start a class KWL! Chart about South Asian Canadian history in BC.
  • Encourage your students to treat the material respectfully. Ask them to brainstorm about proper object-handling behaviour. Some suggestions:
    • Always handle objects carefully.
    • Do not have food or drink near the material.
    • Do not put the material at risk by using it outdoors or busy environments such as large school assemblies.
    • Wash your hands before and after using the materials in the kit.

During the week . . .

  • Use the Royal BC Museum’s Learning Portal Paldi pathway to see digitized versions of additional primary resource objects for the mapping activity.
  • Have the students research Mayo Singh or South Asian Canadian experiences, celebrations and activism.
  • Visit a historic site of significance to South Asian Canadians. Use this resource to find a site near you.

When the kit leaves . . .

  • Make sure all the materials are returned (a checklist is included).
  • Use the enclosed contact information to arrange for your return shipping.
  • Fill out the evaluation form and return it with the kit.