Great Bear Rainforest Outreach Kit

About the kit

Using reproductions, props and games, students in grades k-3 will learn about:

  • rainforest characteristics;
  • the location of the Great Bear Rainforest; and
  • the animals that live in the Great Bear Rainforest.

This resource was developed for and in partnership with the Great Bear Rainforest Education and Awareness Trust.

How to order

The kits are available for loan to BC schools and organizations only. There are limited copies available so plan accordingly.

Request an outreach kit

What’s in the kit?

  • An interactive rainforest diorama
  • Plant and mushroom samples
  • An extra-large map of the Great Bear Rainforest
  • Discovery boxes with reproductions representing mammals, birds and fish

Before you use the kit

Please review the Educator Guide before you get the kit. This guide will help you plan your time and make the best use of your two-week loan.

More resources referenced in the kit include the Royal BC Museum Learning Portal Great Bear Rainforest pathway and the Great Bear Rainforest Education and Awareness Trust website.

Using the kit

Activities suggested in the outreach kit are for grades k-3.

The Science Big Ideas explored are:

  • Living things have features and behaviours that help them survive in their environment.
  • Living things have life cycles adapted to their environment; water is essential to all living things, and it cycles through the environment.
  • Living things are diverse, can be grouped and interact in their ecosystems.

When the kit arrives…

  • Explain to your students your goals and reasons for ordering the kit.
  • Encourage your students to treat the material respectfully. Ask them to brainstorm about proper object-handling. Some suggestions include:
    • Always handle objects carefully.
    • Do not have food or drinks near the material.
    • Wash your hands before and after using the materials in the kit.
    • Put the materials back in their proper places.

During the week…

  • Learn more about the Great Bear Rainforest using the Royal BC Museum’s Learning Portal.
  • Go on a water walk and record sources of water in your school or your local community.
  • Learn about the alliance of nine coastal First Nations groups who protect the Great Bear Rainforest.

When the kit leaves…

  • Make sure all materials are returned.
  • Use the enclosed contact information to arrange your return shipping.
  • Fill out the evaluation form and return it with the kit.