Provincial Archives, Research and Collections (PARC) Campus

The BC Government with the Royal BC Museum is building a collections and research facility, on lək̓ʷəŋən Territory, in the city of Colwood to support the long-term care of and access to the BC Archives and the Provincial Collections.

PARC Campus, an acronym for Provincial Archives, Research and Collections, will be the official moniker for what’s previously been known as the museum’s collections and research building. The name was developed through consultation with Royal BC Museum employees and the Province, to reflect the critical and complex work that will take place in this state-of-the-art facility.

This facility will safekeep millions of organic specimens, from palaeontological deposits to the most recent alpine species samples that help scientists gage the effects of climate change.

It will house historical records from the BC Archives that include the province’s founding documents and records defining the government’s ongoing legal relationships with Indigenous peoples, as well as belongings and objects from communities across the province that carry our histories into our future.

It will create access for researchers internationally, who will contribute to building and growing our shared understanding of and knowledge about the province of British Columbia, the people who live here, and the lands and waters we call home.

For more information visit the project website here or check out the news release of the official name announcement here.

PARC Campus Gallery